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Rules of the Road: Catering, Delivery and Special Events

Days of Operation: Seven days a week with limited availability on Sundays

Standard Event Starting Hours: 11AM-10PM (arrival/set up: approximately 30 minutes prior to event) Other times available by request.

Does the BBQ Bus serve weddings? other events? Absolutely, we love bringing the BBQ Bus experience to such special events!

We also cater Birthdays, Office Lunches, Meetings, Churches or any other Special Event.

Is there a service charge? Should I pay an additional gratuity? There is no service charge when you hire BBQ Bus to serve at most events. Gratuity can be added at clients’ own discretion. 🙂

Is there a minimum to bring the BBQ Bus to my event? Yes, our minimum food order to bring the BBQ Bus to your event starts at $1250 and can go up from there depending on date and time. 

What is the travel fee for? The travel fee makes it possible for us to provide (labor & utilities) service to your area. If the event is within 15 miles of our downtown DC location there is no travel fee.

Do I need to provide a permit for BBQ Bus to serve at my event? If you are located in DC, you will not need to obtain a permit. Outside of DC, you do not need a permit for BBQ Bus to serve your guest for catered event if we are parked on private property.

The price quotes have gone up since the last time we talked, can you honor the old prices? Unfortunately, unless a contract is signed, with the old prices, by both BBQ Bus Smokehouse and the client we must adhere to our current prices.

How far in advance should I book a BBQ Bus event? We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date. Please fill out our Catering Request Form so we can save a spot for you and contact you to discuss. 

I have filled out the Catering Request Form, does this mean I have booked the event? If not, how can I? Unfortunately not; it is just a request. In order to secure your event you would need to sign the BBQ Bus Contract and pay the 50% deposit.

When is the total due? The balance is due the day of your event and can be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Do you have an alternative to the BBQ Bus truck and BBQ Bus Catering? Can I do a pick up order from the restaurant? Yes! Orders can be placed on our website and picked up at BBQ Bus Smokehouse.

Is the Deposit refundable? BBQ Bus requires a 50% deposit to secure any event. Delivery orders placed on our site are paid in full at the time of the order.

If you you cancel your event, delivery or pickup:

30 or more days prior to the event or delivery/pickup date, the full deposit will be refunded

7 days prior to event, ½ of the deposit will be refunded

Less than 7 days prior to event, the full deposit will be forfeited.

Guaranteed Parking: Client must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. The BBQ Bus truck cannot drive up hills with a 15% grade or higher.

What form of payments do you accept? BBQ Bus accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.