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We got into this business because we love feeding people

Back story: In 2009 we had an idea to leave our 9-5s (Che worked in politics and Tadd in tech) to open our own biz that served smoked meats, sandwiches, and fresh sides in a neighborhood store complete with a stocked deli case, just like the butcher shops we knew growing up. We loved cooking for friends and family, hosting special occasions, and having people over. We also wanted a spot where neighbors met and friends gathered. 

That year was the height of the recession, when making that dream come true was out of reach. So we maxed out credit cards, cashed in a 401k, borrowed from friends, and in 2011 opened our BBQ Bus food truck so that we could chase a life of meaningful work doing something we love to do.

A few years and many curbside services later, and with a lot of love from all of you, we were fortunate enough to open that shop, and we finally have that deli case.  BBQ Bus went brick and mortar in 2017 with our new Smokehouse in the Brightwood community to continue doing what know best. And of course our food truck continues to roll curbside and to serve events of all occasions and sizes. 

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your daily meal. It is a gift that we are grateful for everyday.

Che and Tadd

Meet the Crew