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#SpreadLove #ThankYou

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In 2019 we got into the habit of sending BBQ Bus emails once or twice a week. Looking at the calendar this morning, it's been 84 days since our last dispatch. The headline was "If You Liked it Then You Should've Put a Wing on It," and we sent it right before the Super Bowl. (How long ago does that feel like?)

Since then, like everyone else we've been at a loss for words at a time when we felt there was so much to say.

Our hearts go out to all those who are sick, who have passed, who have lost friends and family, and who are enduring separations from loved ones. Our gratitude is beyond words to those who care for this moment's greatest in need. 

One of the virus' most severe effects has been to deprive us of closeness with one another at a time when we need it the most. We've taken for granted the comforts of sharing a meal, a drink or simple get together with one another.

The virus has also inflicted us with uncertainty about our futures. Along with our friends in food, beverage and hospitality, our livelihood not only relies on the inherent act of gathering together, but its central principles -- camaraderie, shared experience and exchange of warmth and affection -- are fundamental to who we are as people. 

Our only message today is that we're here, and we're here for you, even if it's to just share a smile through a window or over the now ubiquitous Zoom calls that frequent our days. Please be in touch and be healthy and safe.

We're all in this together, and together we will see this through.


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